Jetpack George

Jetpack George! is a fun and addictive endless runner where George the cat must try to eat all the cans of tuna after a long nap, he’s starving. Invade the tuna factory equipped with your jetpack, and avoid missles, guns, homing lasers and platforms as you try to get as far as you can. If you succeed, you can upgrade your character, unlock new abilities such as the magnet, shield and double tuna which will help you get to the very top of the worldwide leaderboard.

-Unlockable costumes for the cat, George.
-Unlockable Magnet ability, which draws in tuna cans from afar.
-Unlockable shield upgrades, helping you to survive hits and obtain a further distance!
-Easy controlling, just click the mouse and have fun!

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Spacefarer R&D



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