• The Dawning Clocks of Time Remake

    The epic adventure returns in HD and 4K with the Active Battle Effect System, sidequests and a compelling open world and story.
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  • 3Souls Parallel Edition

    Return to Mustland in 3Souls, previously exclusive for the Wii U, now for current-gen game consoles.
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  • Star Shift Rebellion

    Infernis Prime is a mining colony in the Outer Rim, under brutal occupation. With the help of a hacked android and the discovery of a dark secret, the rebels finally have a chance. This is the story of how the Outer Rim Coalition formed, and how they broke free.
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  • Star Shift Origins

    Star Shift Origins tells the story of the first crew of the Dauntless. Trapped in an alternate reality and on the run, the crew desperately searches for answers while being hunted by the relentless Earth Systems Alliance (ESA).
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    A revival of classic survival horror. Albert and Rose must survive the mystery of the manor.
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    The survival horror concludes. The city has fallen, and a mysterious book of rituals must be found.
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Our Company

leading indie research and development

We are one of the top UK based Indie Game Developer studios, working with leading companies in the industry.

With games developed in Unity, using WWise, NVIDIA and AMD technologies, we are up there with other AAA titles for XBOX, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. You can trust in Spacefarer R&D in providing the best experiences across a multiple of genres.

AI Researchers

We are leading indie developers that are actively researching game development technologies that will combine AI with gaming experiences.

Expert Designers

We are experts in Unity and managed Windows desktop app development.

Indie Box

Launching in September 2024, Indie Box gives our Indie Direct partners a platform to port and sell their games on for fair royalties.

Latest Releases

The Dawning Clocks of Time Remake

The epic space-noir returns in HD and 4K.

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Star Shift Rebellion

This is the story of how the Outer Rim Coalition formed, and how they broke free…

3Souls Parallel Edition

In the world of Mustland, each Ánima has a different soul, and they will see, feel, hear and play in a different way!

Focus Tower

Are you brave enough to climb the Focus Tower?


Beat all the sectors and bad guys and return some peace to this ailing world. Red or Blue? It’s up to you.

Collateral Thinking DX

Collateral Thinking DX is an arcade-style action platformer previously exclusive to Wii U.

Supported Devices

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