Star Shift Rebellion

Infernis Prime is a mining colony in the Outer Rim, under brutal occupation. With the help of a hacked android and the discovery of a dark secret, the rebels finally have a chance. This is the story of how the Outer Rim Coalition formed, and how they broke free…

Developed by Psychronic Games, a partner company of Spacefarer R&D, and published by Spacefarer for XBOX / Series S / X and Microsoft Store, Starshift Rebellion is a true ‘Space-farer’ title at heart.

There are no levels in Star Shift Rebellion; skills and stat increases are managed by Knowledge Points acquired from battle.

In addition to the standard turn-based combat, there is a tactical battle system for fleet and army combat.

Unique skill trees exist depending on a character’s species and class.

Time has been shattered. Only you and your crew can unlock the mystery before it’s too late!

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