Month: January 2024


The Dawning Clocks of Time Remake Demo now out!

We are happy to announce that The Dawning Clocks of Time Remake Demo is now avaliable on Steam.

This is just a small preview of the introduction segment of the game, where Sven appears on Earth in the 1950’s. You’ll be able to try out the controls, enter a few battles and explore the areas of Maine and see some of the story. The demo ends when you reach the Alpha Centauri System.

Note that the voice acting is not present in this demo but will be updated in the future once the voice work is complete.

You can download a copy of the demo at and select ‘Download Demo’ from the right hand side of the Steam Store page.

Indie Box Beta now here!

Suprise! The Indie Box beta is now here for everyone to enjoy before it’s full rollout in September. It’s now downloadable from here;

Indie Box provides a fresh and open new way of playing and organizing your games from all platforms. It’s also a tool for fellow indie developers to release or publish thier games on supported platforms, including PC, Linux, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and more.

We are also implementing a streaming service to Indie Box so that you can play supported games without the need for long download times, allowing you to get into the game almost instantly. We’ve got a few great titles already on the service including Star Shift Origins.

And great news, for fans, you can play a huge library of user generated games and content straight from the comfort of Indie Box.

We’ve also added our partner store, Greenman Gaming which you can access straight from Indie Box Store, providing amazing indie titles.

We at Spacefarer R&D hope that you enjoy this little preview of even more exciting things to come to the indie space.


Bug Fix Updates for Series X|S Games

Updates are releasing within the next couple of days for our XBOX Series X|S Games that would prevent them from launching on some consoles. Your XBOX console /Windows PC will automatically download these latest versions from the Microsoft Store. We apologise for any problems caused.

Games affected: SPIRITUS, SPIRITUS 2, Lumo in The Dark, Robot’s Adventure

Link to Unity bug:

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