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3Souls Parallel Edition


By default we will add the downloadable version of this game to use on Windows PC or Indie Box. You can change this by adding on the order notes that you would like a copy on disc instead.

3Souls Parallel for XBOX Series X|S, Steam and Nintendo Switch

3Souls Parallel Edition is a version created for the current generation of game consoles from the Wii U™ game 3Souls, which changes on the gameplay to adapt the use of the GamePad into new game controllers but sharing the same story, graphics and music from the world of the Ánimas!

With 3Souls Parallel Edition, you will discover the world of Mustland, a place full of rules and secrets… and its own people, the Ánimas, who are mysterious characters wearing a mask with them own soul floating around them.

This adventure is not really about you. It is more about them! So perhaps you could offer them some assistance from your world.

One game, three stories!
In the world of Mustland, each Ánima has a different soul, and they will see, feel, hear and play the world in a different way!
With 3Souls Parallel Edition, you will be able to play as Nelesa, Nophes and Nidemon in this game of 3 chapters.


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