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By default we will add the downloadable version of this game to use on Windows PC or Indie Box. You can change this by adding on the order notes that you would like a copy on disc instead.

Return to classic survival horror in a brand new story. Albert and Rose investigate the Ash Manor, on the search for the Book of Rites, a mystical artifact that can create monsters and raise spirits…

Albert Jackson, a retired detective in his search for paranormal activity has a tip off to the seemly abandoned Ash Manor, in Borehamwood. London. Teamed with his partner Rose, who helped him on a previous case of vampires arrive at the manor. We take a step into the survival horror and are tasked to investigate the horrors and strange goings on that have been left behind…

Presented in wonderful 3D HD graphics with awesome PSX style retro effects, SPIRITUS is the definite survival horror experience.

-Take  arms and shoot monsters, explore and manage a limited inventory in this  3D survival horror with static camera angles and classic tank controls.
-Explore the Ash Manor and it’s surroundings with wonderfully detailed areas.
-Investigate the story with cinematic sequences and found note storytelling

-A game presented in classic 3D survival horror with fixed camera angles adding to the suspense
-PSX Style rendering which takes players back to the best days of survival horror.

-Immersive sound effects and chilling soundtrack that immerses the player in the horror.


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