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By default we will add the downloadable version of this game to use on Windows PC or Indie Box. You can change this by adding on the order notes that you would like a copy on disc instead.

Albert and Rose return in SPIRITUS 2. The Book of Rites has been used to build an army and has wiped out the city of London. Together, they must stay together to stay alive and venture to the very depths of evil to prevent the end of the world from happening. With a huge roster of new enemies to fight, challenging bosses, and labryinth areas to solve, SPIRITUS 2 is this year’s survival horror classic.

Presented in wonderful 3D HD graphics with awesome PSX style retro effects, SPIRITUS 2 is the definite survival horror experience.
Take  arms and shoot monsters, explore and manage a limited inventory in this  3D survival horror with static camera angles and classic tank controls. Influenced by Lovecraftian lore and classic survival horror games.


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