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The Dawning Clocks of Time Remake


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Pre-order THE DAWNING CLOCKS OF TIME REMAKE, arriving September 2024 for Nintendo Switch, XBOX, Microsoft Store, Steam and Epic Games. This pre-order will reserve a copy of the game. Upon payment, you will recieve an email requesting information on which version you would like to recieve. Once the order is fullfilled it will be prepared and shipped two weeks before release date.

Sven Chandra, a bounty hunter from the Federation of Io travels to Earth on his excursions with the Dawning Rune, a relic of alien origin. Meanwhile, ‘The Progenitor War’ ensues for the battle for a artifact that can bend reality and space travel to the owner’s will. In the near future, a giant star is about to supernova, marking extinction for the human race. The Dawning Clocks of Time were set, and only three of the chosen can stop them. They will not wait…

THE DAWNING CLOCKS OF TIME REMAKE – Presented in cinema level HD  and 4K graphics, reinventing a indie gem RPG as a Third Person Shooter  and Survival game. Written by novelist Jake Stephen Jackson and featuring a epic soundtrack, THE DAWNING CLOCKS OF  TIME REMAKE is the sci-fi noir game of the year from Spacefarer  R&D.


-Third-person survival  shooter with plasma rifles and pistols. Take arms against a huge roster  of enemies and travel to diverse planets.
-Progress through the story written by Jake Stephen Jackson, cinematic novelist,
-Non-stop action and captivating gameplay, presented in a noir / sci-fi style in a groundbreaking new way.
-A huge galaxy and side quests to complete.



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