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Jacob’s Quest


By default we will add the downloadable version of this game to use on Windows PC or Indie Box. You can change this by adding on the order notes that you would like a copy on disc instead.

Become a Legend in Jacob’s Quest, a JRPG that anyone can pick up and play. Save the four crystals of the world and prevent a vile plot from unfolding.

With epic battles and world progression, Jacob’s Quest is the RPG of choice, in development since 2013.


  • A huge elemental world to explore, with dungeons, puzzles and bosses to fight
  • Hand drawn sprites and excellent post-processing effects to modernise it’s presentation
  • A addictive soundtrack that immerses you in Jacob’s World, featuring electric guitar segways Traditional JRPG gameplay with action elements- jump, hookshot and block puzzles are a plenty.


  • In classic 90’s fashion, battle your way through challenging battles and bosses with turn based gameplay with a huge spell and abilities roster
  • Level up through experience and completing side quests


This is JRPG at it’s finest, with memorable characters, allies and bosses, 90’s JRPG lovers must have this game!


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