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Star Shift Origins


By default we will add the downloadable version of this game to use on Windows PC or Indie Box. You can change this by adding on the order notes that you would like a copy on disc instead.

Star Shift Origins tells the story of the first crew of the Dauntless. Trapped in an alternate reality and on the run, the crew desperately searches for answers while being hunted by the relentless Earth Systems Alliance (ESA).

Developed by Psychronic Games, a partner company of Spacefarer R&D, and published by Spacefarer for XBOX / Series S / X and Microsoft Store, Starshift Origins is a true ‘Space-farer’ title at heart.

There are no levels in Star Shift Origins; skills and stat increases are managed by Knowledge Points acquired from battle.

In addition to the standard turn-based combat, there is a tactical battle system for fleet and army combat.

Unique skill trees exist depending on a character’s species and class.

Time has been shattered. Only you and your crew can unlock the mystery before it’s too late!


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